Things To Consider When Buying a Toll Free Number

Because toll free numbers are such flexible and affordable tools for business owners, they can expand a small business substantially through advertising by extending your global reach through online directories. Purchasing a toll free number is a straightforward process, but business owners should always know their motivations for needing a toll free number prior to purchasing it.
Understanding the reasons the number is needed and the results that your company wants to achieve using a toll free number makes it easier to customize a business plan to reflect future goals.
Here are the top considerations to take note of when purchasing toll free numbers.
The Number Prefix
There are numerous 1800 numbers for sale, and the top toll free prefixes are 800, 888, 877, 866, and 855. Still, the 800 prefix remains the most popular. Regardless of the number you choose, prior research should be done to ensure that your business number doesn't closely resemble the number of a competitor in the same market.

Consider the fact that some customers will be so accustomed to dialing 1800 to connect with a toll free number that they may believe the prefix to your toll free business line is 1800 by default. If this mistake leads customers to dial the wrong number, it's likely that your company will miss potential sales.

Vanity Numbers
While 800 numbers continue to be most popular, that doesn't mean that you should limit yourself to this prefix. If you choose to use another prefix for your toll free number, use it in a way that is creative and memorable. No matter what type of business you own, toll free numbers offer the same major benefit, which is free phone calls.

When you invest in a toll free number, you don't want to see a limited return on your investment due to misdials and forgettable marketing strategies. To stand out amongst the competition, use a vanity number as part of your toll free number. As you advertise, be sure to mention your phone number more than once.

Decide how and where you would like to advertise. Using your toll free number for advertising can be very beneficial to your company as well. Because there is no area code associated with your phone number, the dialing code isn’t set within a specific city. This allows you to use the number locally, nationally, and online to attract more incoming calls.

Outgoing Calls
Incoming calls are critical to the success of your business, but you should also decide if you would like the ability to make outgoing calls from your toll free number. Returning calls or placing initial calls from a toll free line maintains professionalism and the call is more likely to be answered because your business name and number will be identifiable.

If you use your personal numbers for outgoing calls, the call may go unanswered because of the unfamiliar numbers. When the person on the receiving end does answer, you may both be subject to expenses/ fees based on your location.

Furthermore, sharing your personal contact information with the public can present various inconveniences. You don't want to confuse customers by returning a business call from a personal line because they may assume you can be reached at that number for business matters at all times.

Customer Service
When customers call your business, you should be prepared to assist them and provide solutions to build trust in your brand and encourage customer loyalty. In this case, your toll free number can be used to create customer service departments and extension lines that handle inquiries and meet specific needs for callers.

Will you be the only person accessing your toll-free virtual number as a representative of the business? If you are a solopreneur, your number will showcase your professionalism without drawing attention to the fact that you are a one-person operation. Your toll free number will serve multiple purposes if you are using the number for a business that serves more customers, operates at a higher capacity, and receives a large number of calls.

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