International Toll Free Number Technology

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting a new business, or you’re getting ready to expand your existing business; you should make use of international toll free phone numbers to make your company look well-established with an international presence. International toll free numbers give your business and your brand a polished image that your customers will respect. An international toll free number will give you a much better chance of impressing potential overseas customers.
How International Toll Free Numbers Work Let’s say you’re based in San Francisco, and you have an important client in London. You can set up a toll free number in England, and your client calls that number each time she wants to reach you. Your service provider forwards the call seamlessly to the destination number of your choice. Your client doesn’t have to pay for the call, and you never miss important communications.

What to Look For in A Service Provider Before you subscribe to international toll free n…

Opening a Business in London

As a world-renowned center of business and finance, the city of London has been a global hotspot for entrepreneurs looking to open up a presence. In recent years, London has been targeted by startups for its favorability to businesses and the various networking opportunities among the city’s diversified industries. Those who are looking to start a business have stiff competition, but also unparalleled opportunity. Nearly 80% of the enterprises in London are considered “micro-businesses,” or those with up to 9 employees, that have taken a lean approach to gaining access to the city’s vast wealth and trade. And of those businesses, the survival rate has been also high, with nearly 40% of businesses operating still doing business years later. Of course, if you’re a foreign national looking to establish a business presence in London, you should know that Brexit has caused more stringent regulations to be imposed — with an outlook that has been perceived as both positive and negativeto the…

How Time Zones Impact International Business

If your business is looking to expand internationally, you should know the impact that time zones play on your business model and how to accommodate clients in other countries. There’s no way to circumvent this challenge — even larger enterprises are impacted by the different needs of their customers and clients. Let’s take a look at how time zones impact international business, as well as a number of key tips to keep in mind for doing business to ensure success. Staying in ContactThough we live in a digital-first environment, where most business can take place at the client’s location, there’s no substitute for a real live human at the other end of communication channels. Having problems solved in real time is the real key to retaining clients for the long-term, especially for projects and contracts over the course of several months. There’s nothing worse than waiting for feedback and having to wait until the next business to receive an answer. This compounds when a workweek commences,…

Building a Business from Scratch in the US

Starting a business from scratch in the United States doesn't have to be a daunting task if you take the right steps from the beginning. Whether you're from the United States of America or a different country, there are many resources available to help you become an established and profitable business owner in the States.
Contrary to popular belief, you don't always have to be a US citizen to start a business. With so many businesses now operating with the help of the internet, you can start your dream business virtually and use toll free phone numbers to connect with callers from different parts of the country, or from around the world.
Here are some of the primary steps to follow as you begin building your US business.
Define Your Company Goals and Vision The first step is deciding on the type of business you want to own and setting realistic goals for your company. Regardless of where your business is located, you need to have a vision and mission statement that will allo…

Brand Identity and Toll Free Numbers

There are many elements involved in starting a new business and some of these elements will be more essential than others when starting from the ground up with limited resources. But one thing that can never be overlooked is your brand identity. The way your brand is perceived in the market is essential to how successful and profitable your business will be in the long run, and your brand identity is the way you define and present your brand to the public.

As you are building your brand, a virtual toll free number will be an important tool to separate your brand from the masses and establish it as a professional company. When you use virtual toll free numbers as part of your branding from a company like Global Call Forwarding, you enhance your professional appeal because people associate these numbers with organized, well-respected businesses. If you choose to use personal numbers instead, the public often perceives your company as a new (or amateur) business.

Global markets are extrem…

Things To Consider When Buying a Toll Free Number

Because toll free numbers are such flexible and affordable tools for business owners, they can expand a small business substantially through advertising by extending your global reach through online directories. Purchasing a toll free number is a straightforward process, but business owners should always know their motivations for needing a toll free number prior to purchasing it. Understanding the reasons the number is needed and the results that your company wants to achieve using a toll free number makes it easier to customize a business plan to reflect future goals. Here are the top considerations to take note of when purchasing toll free numbers. The Number Prefix There are numerous 1800 numbers for sale, and the top toll free prefixes are 800, 888, 877, 866, and 855. Still, the 800 prefix remains the most popular. Regardless of the number you choose, prior research should be done to ensure that your business number doesn't closely resemble the number of a competitor in the sam…